Islamic Dua

Dua-ek arbi angreji akshro se bana shabd, yah akshar ya shabd ka ek vishya hai ki yah isko pryapt aur aashchrya janak banate hain. Dua aam tor standard prarthna matlb ya allah ko bulane ka matlb ho skta hai. agar santosh janak dhang se dua ki visheshtaye batayi jay v dua ki jaye to allah ko bulaya ya manaya ja skta hai. dua ka matlab hai prarthna karna aur devtav ke saath baath karne ka arath hey parthna hai.

An Arabic word made here in English letters. Three little letters that make up a word and a subject that is generous and shocking. This word “dua” could be by and large implied mean supplication or summon. But neither word attractively describe dua. Supplication, which infers talking with a holiness, comes closer than conjuring which is known not propose summoning spirits or fallen heavenly attendants.

In Islamic expressing dua is the showing of supplication. It is yelling to God; it is a talk with God, our Creator, our Lord, the All Knowing, and the All Powerful. Frankly the word is gotten from the Arabic root expecting to get out or to summon. Dua is raising, empowering, liberating and changing and it is a champion among the most fit and convincing exhibition of adoration an individual can partake in. Dua has been known as the weapon of the disciple. It bears witness to a man’s confidence in One God and it neglects a wide range of confused love or polytheism. Dua is essentially convenience to God and a sign of a man’s prerequisite for Allah.