Collection of Love Marriage Wazifa


Here is an aggregation of love marriage wazifa. With the objective that people can find all wazifa on one place and can without a lot of an extend do that.

There are a couple of standards to do these wazifa.

= 5 times namaz

=Avoid sins

=Recite darood always

=Give altruism to poor.

=Pronunciation must be correct

=Must relate cure sum.

=Must relate at same place and same time

Esteem Marriage Wazifa

In the occasion that child , young woman or watchmen need to do love marriage yet the other individual is not arranged then .

Gatekeepers Should Recite:

After isha salat, talk about ya wadudu ya lateefu, 1111 conditions ,

Child or Girl Should Recite:

After isha salat, introduce Ya Jameeu, 1111 conditions

By then interest to God for your issue. do this 40 days.

Surah Taha Love Marriage Wazifa

Form ayet number 31 and 32 on an unmistakable paper and wrinkle it as tweez and tie on right arm.

By then after isha salat, sit on appeal to mate. Describe 11 times darood ibrahimi, Recite ya lateefu 1100 conditions

Show darood ibrahimi 11 times. Request to God for your marriage issue. Do this 40 days.

Revere marriage Wazifa for Girls

In case you are hunting a suitable prepare down your young lady. however in the meantime did not get it .

Do this wazifa.

After Maghrib salat, supplicate 2 rakat nafil. talk about darood ibrahimi 11 times relate ya adlu 100 conditions, 300 conditions, or 1000 conditions, it depends on upon time you have to present it. by then request of Allah for a better than average get ready.

do this 40 days.

Venerate Marriage Wazifa to Find Nice Groom

In case a young woman is at marriage age however sensible plan is not available. She should display surah taha 11 times each day , for 21 days. Its better to present it after fajar salat, Also examine darood ibrahimi 11 times earlier and after that a while later.

Revere Marriage Wazifa for Hurdles in Marriage of Girl

In case there are deterrents in a young women marriage, with no reason people rejects her. She should do fresh wadu (Ablution) then present surah al mumtahina, consistently 5 times for 17 days.

Desperate Love Marriage wazifa

If young women needs a desperate marriage, She should describe Ya Moutee 11000 conditions for 11 days, and start from Thursday.

Best Love Marriage wazifa

In case you are looking a tolerable and best life accomplice, Then this is the best wazifa . Do fresh wadu (washing), then present surah taha and blow on a silk material, little piece is adequate, then make it as taweez, and young woman should wear it in neck, in shaa Allah soon she will get plan of her choice.

Intense Love Marriage Wazifa after engagement

If you prepare for marriage, yet now having some issue in marriage, with no reason. On the other hand child or young woman is not willing to marry with life accomplice. After isha salat examine Ya Lateefu Ya Haleemu 500 conditions, with darood ibrahimi 41 times earlier and after that a while later. In shaa Allah inside one month marriage done.

Love Marriage Wazifa if Parents are not agree

If child and young woman esteem each other and need to get hitched yet watchmen of both or one is not agree. with no solid reason then child or young woman should do this wazifa.

After Asr salat show Darood ibrahimi 11 times, then Soah Al Asr 101 conditions, then again Darood ibrahimi 11 times, and after that interest to God for your issue, do this 21 days, In shaa Allah inside 21 days every one will be agree.

100% Working Love Marriage Wazifa

If you are facing issue in warmth marriage. Moreover, dont need to leave your mate. besides, to get hitched at any cost. By then this wazifa if for you.

After fajar salat introduce ” bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem ” 786 conditions , with darood ibrahimi 101 conditions beforehand, then afterward. by then interest to God for your issue,

By then before resting talk about ” Ya Lateefu Ya Salamu ” 300 conditions.

Do this 40 days, In shaa Allah you will get hitched to your choice.

Love Marriage Wazifa if issues after engagement

If after engagement, there are issues and deterrents, and it is feeling that it may end or brake up, then, After fajar salat exhibit surah yaseen 2 times, then relate Ya Mueedu 1100 conditions, and bid to God for your issue, in shaa Allah with in 21 to 40 days, all issues will be comprehended.

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